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Dear Frustrated Golfer,

It’s time you learned the truth about improving your golf game…

My name is Charlie King and for the past 9 years I’ve been named a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor. Over the years I’ve taught thousands of people and watched the sheer enjoyment on their faces as I’ve helped them improve their golf game.  The game of golf has given so much to me, I’m fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to give something back to all those who play this wonderful game.

I’ve been featured on The Golf Channel, written articles for Golf Magazine and am a published author of three books on the game of golf. When it comes to golf and  improving your game,  I can certainly help. I want you to make a promise to yourself right now that you will read everything on this page. When you’re done, you’re going to have the biggest light bulb moment you’ve ever had when it comes to improving your golf game.

There is one major flaw I have noticed in the way people are taught to get better at golf. The amazing part is that no one until now has even attempted to fill what is potentially the biggest roadblock in golfers improving.  I can say with 100% confidence, if you fill this hole with the information I’m going to give you, it will drop more strokes off your game faster than ever before.

First I want to tear down the old methods and why they will not allow you even come close to reaching your true potential. You already have it in you to be known as one of the better players at your club or the best of your group.  The key is getting you to reach that full potential. Here is where traditional teachings have failed.

When you go see your local teaching professional or purchase a program on golf instruction, how much of that time and information is spent working on your short game other than a drill or two? Most likely not much if any at all. As a golfer, you already know the short game makes up over 65% of your total score during a round. I also know you’ve heard over and over again,  you must spend time working on that part of the game.

The fact the short game should be practiced as much if not more than full swing practice isn’t rocket science. However, how do you get the most out of the time you spend practicing?  With what I’m about to show you, by following just one lesson I have laid out, your practice will be 100x’s more effective and produce faster results than hours of practice the traditional way. You might think that’s crazy, but there is a very specific reason why…

Let’s first look at traditional teaching and compare it to a real world situation to put it in perspective.

Traditional teaching will spend most of the time on shaping your ability to hit the golf ball. This could be working on your tee shot with the driver or your irons in the fairway for your approach shot. You go into full swing practice no matter with an instructor or bought information, hitting a slice or a hook, fat or thin. You already have visual feedback, information and a starting point to begin working with to start solving your problem. If you weren’t hitting it right, left, fat or thin, what would you need a lesson or course form information right?

In real world problem solving it’s no different. You analyze the situation, see Short Game Practicewhich part will require the most attention to get the situation under control. You then formulate a plan of attack and start the solution process.

This is problem solving 101, would you agree? Of course you would. So WHY when we turn to short game improvement does all logic of problem solving and solution just disappear!

Why is the most important part of the game, the part that consists of over 65% of your score, the part that will keep you in the game when your full swing is struggling,  just brushed off with the phrase  “you need to work on your short game”????

Honestly, the answer is simple. No instructor, book, course or program has found a way to get the instant feedback needed to not only pin point where you are losing the most strokes but give you a proven blueprint to follow to correct them.

That all changes today!

A 300 yard drive is worth the same 1 stroke as a 3 inch putt. The difference is at most you’re going to hit 18 tee shots, but you’ll play chip shots, pitch shots, bunker shots and putts over 40-60 times per round.

How valuable for your game would it be if you had the ability to pinpoint exactly where you lose the most strokes and be able to follow an exact plan of action that would focus on those exact weaknesses.

How much faster  you would improve  not only your score, but your confidence when you can actually see and track your progress as you get better.

How will it feel knowing you are finally going to be able to reach your full potential as you constantly improve and drop shots from your score.  All of this can and will happen by finally having a true system to build and improve the most important part of the game…

Introducing The Short Game Blueprint

Over my years of teaching, I have created a skill test and scoring system that will not only show you exactly where you lose the most shots in your short game, but also how to go about improving it. This is crucial information when it comes to truly getting better.

My unique short game handicapping system gives you a specific number just like your golf handicap as a reference point.It also gives you the much needed feedback to know how much you are improving!

The short game is made up of six crucial segments. They are:

  • Wedge Shots From 20 – 100 Yards – Think of how many times during a round you are 100 yards are closer to the green and how well you do.  Do you look at these as concerns or scoring opportunities as you shThe Shortgame Blueprintould?
  • Pitching – One of the most important parts of the short game, especially considering all the various shots around the green pitching includes.
  • Chipping – The chip shot is one that many golfers struggle with when they should be looking forward to the scoring opportunity.
  • Bunker Play – The one place golfers fear more than most. Did you know touring professionals would rather be in the bunker than have a pitch shot?
  • Short Putting – How good would your score be if you had the confidence you were going to make all of these. How many strokes would you drop your score by?
  • Long Putting – The key to avoiding the dreaded 3 putt.

We begin by first giving you a unique skills evaluation in each segment. Once the skills evaluation has been completed, you grade yourself using our custom short game handicap chart.

You now have the ability to rank your short game skills from the weakest to the strongest. You also know exactly where to start working to instantly improve your game.

At the end of each section, there are drills for each specific part of the short game that will get you started on improving the area you select.

Now that you have your short game ranking, I give you three different plans to choose from as to how you want to go about improving your game. Each one is tailored to different types of players and gives you an exact training schedule to follow.

  • The Short Game Blueprint - Silver Training – Designed for the busy person that doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants to see dramatic improvements in their game. Over all time is 1.5 hours per week.
  • The Short Game Blueprint – Gold Training – Designed for golfers who can find a little more time than others but still don’t have time everyday to get to the course. Over all time is 3 hours per week
  • The Short Game Blueprint – Platinum Training – Designed for golfers looking for maximum results the fastest. Over all time is 5 hours per week.

Ask yourself these important questions and answer them truthfully:

  • Has anyone ever given me a true blueprint to follow? One that is completely laid out for me and pinpoints exactly what I need to do to improve?
  • Are you tired of taking lesson after lesson, buying course after course and never seeing any real improvement?
  • Do I really want to improve my game in the shortest amount of time?
  • Do I want to finally reach my true potential in the game of golf?

If you answered yes to any of those questions and are serious about improving your game you can’t afford to pass this opportunity up.

Just consider what you’re going to achieve! You will no longer look at the short game as something you “should” work at. You will look at it as something you want to work at because you are seeing true progress. The best part about the short game is as you get better, your scores drop A LOT rather than just a stroke here and there.

Shooting in the 100′s, 90′s or 80′s currently?

By following this blueprint, you can easily drop from the 100′s into the 90′s (many times 80′s), from the 90′s to 80′s in a very short amount of time. Going from the 80′s to the 70′s is just a short game shot or two per side difference.

Which one do you think will get you there faster?

Hitting hundreds of balls to drop one or two shots or working in a systematic way to drop 10-15 shots in half the amount of time? Pretty simple answer.

Also, because I know some people have limited time schedules, I’m going to give you as a bonus that will further speed up your improvement.  My 5 Minutes To Better Golf program when you purchase The Short Game Blueprint is the perfect add on for faster success.

Inside 5 Minutes To Better Golf, you will find tips, drills and exercises that can improve your short game right from the comfort of your home. Can’t make it to the course for a few days? No problem, simply perform one of the 5 Minutes To Better Golf exercises listed on the training program and your daily practice is done. Improvement without ever leaving your house, you can’t beat that.

So here’s everything that’s included with your Short Game Blueprint purchase:

  • The Evaluation Skills Test – How to set up the test for each part of the short game and give yourself your score.  ($100.00 value)
  • The Short Game Handicapping System – Your score in each of the skills test area’s will give you a handicap number for each section. You will also have an over all short game handicap (Priceless. Only one of it’s kind)
  • Drills – Each section has it’s own unique set of drills for maximum improvement. ($100.00 value)
  • 3 Training Levels – Training schedules to follow for different levels of commitment. ($200.00 value)
  • In Video and PDF Form – Print out The Short Game Blueprint or get all the information in video form located in the members area. ($100.00 value)
  • 5 Minutes To Better Golf – My trademarked system that gives you short game improvement right from the comfort of your home or office in only 5 minutes a day. (Practice at home and improvement in minutes, priceless)

I WILL help you improve dramatically. Don’t just take my word for it, read what others say:

“My over all golf has improved, my handicap has come down and I feel so much more confident!”
Wayne Fields
“My short game is so much better, especially my putting. Most important, I am much more confident every time I step up to the ball because I feel like I know what I’m doing. My golfing friends are wondering what happened to me.

Natalie Jacobson
“I have sincerely enjoyed watching all of the modules and really felt as if I was getting a “live” lesson thus improving my game. Charlie, your communication stlye and ability really spoke to me and really made sense. Hope to meet you in person one day!”
Sam Grossman, Franklin TN


“My main focus with my game has been to simplify the process in hopes that I become more consistent in tournaments and under pressure. Your philosophies are very easy to understand and adopt. Here’s to a great 2012!!

Ryan Munson

That’s just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we’ve received. Are you ready to improve your game at a speed you’ve never seen before? Get your copy of The Short Game Blueprint right now and take the first step to massive improvement.

If you were to come visit my in person at Reynolds Plantation, my hourly fee is $200.00. The way this course is presented it’s just like me being right there with you during your improvement.

Before you decide,  ask yourself this: “Am I really willing to put off buying this product, missing out on the first true blueprint and action plan and starting to improve my golf game in the next few minutes?”

My 60 Day Guarantee To You

I’m so confident that this product will perform to your expectations, if you’re not completely satisfied in the first 60 days, I’ll give you all your money back and you can keep the product anyway. All the risk is on me that way!
The Short Game Blueprint


I understand that I am getting The Short Game Blueprint in PDF and Video membership form for only $27.00.

I understand I am also getting 5 Minutes To Better Golf as a bonus product.

I understand that this is an investment in my golf game that will finally give me the proper blueprint to improve.

I also understand that The Short Game Blueprint will have a huge positive effect on my golf game, making it possible for me to finally reach my potential.

With Charlies 60 day no risk guarantee, I understand I have no risk should I find this product does not deliver to my expectations.

I’m ready to start improving right NOW!




I look forward to helping you improve your game starting right now, this book IS what every golfer needs.

Charlie King








p.s. Don’t let procrastination, fear or any hesitation stop your from giving yourself the best gift to helping your golf game available. Make a change in your game that will help you reach  your full potential.